cave music; or, music for submersion

The music I describe in this post is best experienced as an accompaniment to heightened sensory awareness. I recommend dark chocolate, red wine, and etceterta; Clicking on the album names will lead you to the album’s page at Oh, and if the word “experimental,” or, worse yet, “glitch” turns you off, you can stop reading now.

Whistleblower, by Vladislav DelayThe first time I truly listened to Vladislav Delay, my boyfriend and I let the album recycle all night long. At times I felt my brain unzipping? at other times, simply hypnotized… It lent a seamless metallic, drippy atmosphere to the night, which was rife with some of the most rich and visceral dreams I’ve had in months. I suppose that description doesn’t sound entirely inviting, but I highly recommend the album to anyone who likes having soundtracks to the negative space of … infinitude, or something like that.

Released in 2007, Whistleblower is the latest brainchild of Finnish producer Sasu Ripatti. Clicks and cuts never sounded so spooky yet somehow soothing. This is my current favorite album to play while writing the nights away…

Cavalcade of Glee and Dadaist Happy Hardcore Pom Poms, by Venetian SnaresAbove, I very nearly described Whistleblower as glitchy… but that word immediately evoked another, different kind of glitchy glory… Cavalcade of Glee and Dadaist Happy Hardcore Pom Poms (Venetian Snares!) is aptly named, indeed- innovative breakcore that soars from break-neck to mind-melting speeds, twisting and smashing into things as it goes.

My favorite track on the album is easily ‘Pwntendo,’ which as you might imagine sounds like Yoshi got into the Sugar Frosted Crack. A little nutty, for sure. I like my music extra-crunchy.

*bleep* *whir* *skitter* One up!

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