Request A Mentoring Session

I frequently get requests for mentoring sessions on three topics: digital literacy and tech support; sudo mesh / people’s open network, and quickbooks accounting basics. Starting in 2018, I’ve made myself available every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3-5pm for 1-on-1  UPDATED: As of April 2020 I’ve opened my availability to 10am-5pm any day of the week for 30min – 1 hour-long primers to any of these areas via videochat with up to 7 others. You can now use the tool below to request a mentoring sesh!

Tech Support (1 hour): Need help learning how to navigate your fancy new smartphone, installing Linux and other free software applications, learning about digital security tools, or just want advice on how to use the Internet? I’m no super-hacker, but I’ve learned from the best over the years. Caveat: I won’t fix your virus-ridden, buggy Windows operating system, but I will install Linux for you and show you the ropes to switch to free and open source software! It’s easier to use than you might imagine!

Sudo Mesh / People’s Open Network (1 hour): I’ve been part of the project since we held our first meeting back in January of 2013, and while I don’t have a hand in the firmware development, I can help with explaining the how/what/why, mount a node on your roof or in your home, flash a node with our firmware, give a tour of our extensive documentation, strategize locations and mapping line of sight, and consult with you on how you can start a network in your neighborhood.

Quickbooks Accounting 101 (1.5 hours): Preface: I am not an accountant, and my experience has been primarily with nonprofits who have no employees. However, I do manage the financial accounting for three nonprofits of the quirky variety, and I’ve put a lot of hours into self-education and turning messy or nonexistent books into a functional Chart of Accounts with automatic financial reports. I’ll help you create a Chart of Accounts that fits your organization’s activities, coach you through creating a budget, give you a tour of the extensive features Quickbooks provides, and show you how to reconcile transactions as painlessly as possible.