i keep strange hours.
here’s to the heart of the matter, to opening and upward.
the steady rise, the beautiful journey back to begin,
the song you can’t get out of your head.
in the darkness small thoughts fester and foster
here’s to fortitude, to the beatitudes!
your attitude, your joy and your peace,
the now that tastes like tulips,
the soft and the gentle,
the lovely abyss.

be more say more hear more songs in the breeze
write furiously, be crazed with ecstatic complacency!
this is a hearty hello,
this is the softest pillow

be gentle with yourself
find the love in the trees
learn how not to say please
let go, be free
this was meant for me to
be more!
write sonnets at dawn
you create the world you live in you craft the self
you choose how not to think
and how to believe

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