Like fire is fury is better is redder is hotter than your molten throat hold it hold it hold it down

Is like hotter fire molten fury it holds better than to hold it down your redder throat is is is is it?

And the rain is so apt.
And my blood is so pure.
And I am fresher and cleaner and hotter and more fiery now. now. now.
And stronger and stronger and stronger and

How do you do. Do you how do? Don’t worry child I don’t love you. Oh look, oh look, they’re coming for me now. Time thinks now it is right to run. And how! And how! Oh wow! And how!

Stop this sentimental nonsense, I am no sensitive girl. I am the taste of metal, the stench of gasoline, the feeling of needles up and down your spine when you’re asleep and dreaming, I am nightmare nighty night personified don’t fight it oh no you don’t!snarl… snarl… It likes to knock things out. Knock me out senseless and defenseless I’ll bounce up like a cartoon cutout to smirk and meep and throw you off the cliff of my heart, and all the pain you gave me stuffed into the dynamite that follows. Acme! Acme! Oh lord it feels good to be released!

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