same as it ever was it the weather
that turns the icy heart to liquid trepidation?
i caught you on the fly, it was hard to hold
steady, the sun is ready to scoop you up
in to the crevice where joy is.
linger here long, for i’ve found a way out-
it lies in, inside the pocket where hope is.
don’t you know me by now?

the sun is rising my heart is pounding
fast- love is an ocean and desire but waves.

deep like wine and red,
i can’t tell you what i said
or who did what, where and when.
just the feeling of depth reaching in.

the heart has broken open, cracked free.
and the sun, and the sun…
it got the best of me.

to be comfortable in my skin!
what an exotic concept.
to tune out, tap in,
to pay attention
my heart an extension of mind
my mind an extension of is.

tasteful. playful. full.