i looked for you in your coffin,
but you were not there.

my eyes are flowing
in the wind’s mouth,
where you are.

please remember to forget yourself.

i shivered and tossed through the night,
and awoke to the sound of thunder from a granite sky-
having soaked my body and sheets in rivers of sweat.

the body rebels, feverish, and i delight
in the startling dreams of a delusional mind.

she towered as the tallest flame, two balls
rested lightly on her fingertips
*space* *time*
eyes lotus petals, body a canvas of lovemarks
her laughter that of a child discovering snow or sand

four ducklings nuzzled under one knee,
a ladybug under the other.
some called her Lady Poppy,
some others called her mother.

and tigers roared but to pet her,
and the rivers rushed to hold her.
i called her Captivation.

i have no patience for your esoteric conversation.