o woe is me

a shiver upon the rising sea
a sliver in the toe of a god
a song sung sad and out of tune

the only thing left is swung to the middle of it,
widening huge, pupils big as lucy,
i clutched my belly and hissed.

and it steamed out nonsensically!
and i gave it up so much more than willingly…

i gave it up with all i had.
i give it up with all i know.
what’s this? somewhere a memory
of a human time but without words:
your hands in my hair my heart in your teeth,
the sun rising warm
(and purple flowers scattered all around)

senses sharp and eyes wide,
the universe teeming at the seam:
give me your reckless, your few,
your open scattered brains enthralled,
dizzy from the earth’s concoctions-

still as i would you knew seek the sun,
scavenged and sullied, unremarkable, drained-

–^–& your world’s most intangible oats &–^–
i came crawling out onto the boats,
all sharp-edged and pale,
belonging underwater.

said the son of the earth mother dime a dozen cannon fodder as it seeps it creeps upon your pores it pokes, prodding, persistantly preying picking pullin tightening the screw it knocked loose. however much you anticipate it, it miscreates it strips nerves raw to bleeding.

so take it up with me. give me all you’ve got. i’m going now to beat around the bush.