Guesses based on what set of time and change are touching…

Out on some borderline
Some mark of inbetween
I lay down golden in time
And woke up vanishing

While the thunder held itself at bay I looked around, then ducked inside the sound.
lone is a word I handle with care is a kindness carefully crafted.
is the blank slate behind your eyes just my own reflection?
i am vanishing will it matter in the end?
entropy is the only destination,
these days.

dark cloud lurks especially at sundown,
with the unhinging of the guard.

don’t forget to sleep with your face tilted up for air.

getting out of bed…

halfway home and a traffic halt-
sun slants through, my whole life grew
in shades and caricatures, in mystic revelations
in beats, in waves.

What’s hungry is buzzing and crackling amongst mindbeans,
torrential dreampours of doom!
can’t hold fast for long,
it will throw you to the wolves.

(et pour toi, et pour moi,
le ciel dans la chambre,
c’est pres de moi.)

lessening the grip on truths and certainties,
we chalk our dreams, chain fast our memories,
and fear will teach you something (and fear will teach you shit).

don’t stay in one place
too long.