how easily the texture of your tears moves me.
undone i clasp the tentricles of time.
moving, restless, the full-bodied shaking of sobs,
how they mingle with the rain.

i await the dawn.
set on haunches, jaw clenched,
would i but leap you could capture my rapture,
lessening the ego’s grip,
funny how time does drip

Away i could possibly know myself
as separate from your insistent voice.
the intense fragility of my mind
craves pure molten eruption,
would i but spew forth the immensity of my complexity.

how i wish for the flight of night.

we walked across boston, pensive and utterly mad.
the intoxicating fear, the brilliant streetlights,
a full moon looming over metal and glass.
electricity and gasoline.

( i tried to inhale, and!
caught sight of wire wings as I
fell to pieces )

i am bored these days by confidence,
smug smiles and dry quips,
that drip, as it were, down the back of my spine,
skirting the mind.

but you! and your burning eyes!
all the world could freeze and-

love is a dangerous angel

pushed to the pinnacle, I cried so hard.
rainstorms gasping to pour free.
wished for a spinning kiss,
spun, flat, flew, collapse.
every shudder of my skin grows trivial.
dance so hard you shake the self out.

(and she smiles
so sweet
i could kiss
her feet)

and the rain keeps coming down.
and i just keep coming up.