in joy we enjoy

Slippery slope it is down down down she goes, gently down the stream. And so gentle. Perhaps we be mere mortal monkeys, but I digress: to regress or to transcend, I do not wish to comprehend. The temperature, like my chest, is oh-so-warm and rising. And you, unlike the rest, are young and enterprising. Our gestures groom so playfully. Tender turbinates, take thee to the sea! It will wash you out. It will do you good. I still will seek the sun, as you knew I would. Now.

No, now.

Fell upwards and over! Reaching back to find the pinnacles you see- I am much more than all of some of me. This is how you felt when you weren’t aware. I could find myself null and not care. How to approach and how to broach? This is the beginning of tomorrow’s epic adventure. And this is the way you would call home itself here. I handed you the ending and I began with the scaffolding upwards alone you would call sky your home.