to: my best intention

how the colors of a kiss exist in the shadows. the delicacy of meaning placed subtly,deftly here and there. come back to come again, and again- taut and taunted, rich and unhaunted all of you pooled, spent. how i drooled
(with savory lust. and we would wait. and wait. and wait.) and combust.

i meant to say: i will never forget the way you stroked my cheek as i fell soundly and lovingly asleep.
(the sun shines on us all both alone and with each other)

from: my deepest gratitude

here’s to soaring, shirts off sweat flying, and the high hat sizzles as your chest drops out. slam i am one, two, three and four (here we go)-

i pledge of allegiance to times square at dawn. and to all my snuggles, eradicate hate; i give you myself on a sunshiny plate.

delicate and jolly.

Ego dissolve and find self free-falling from consciousness and into direct biofeedback. Open and return refreshed. Stamped into the reality of the present, stripped of the emotional memory that clogs the spaces in between the places where time marks selfhood. Unreal how it casts voice onto rasping skin and burrows the wisdom deeper within. Conceived in the immediate: no- now. NOW. No No No No now. How love was always there; the we is seamless as is. How is it is, how is. When upon the brightest dawn emerged a song of silent nurturing wombs- in syrup find all blooming eyes and wispy locks. Legumes.


something needs to crack. the best intentions leave me tired and yawning. only in the aftermath of a climax is one left sprawled and hungry and drained- drained like old age is life planned out with plastic measuring cups. it must be refused. how to live faster harder and crackling? how to… how to, combust? i want to be something risen from the sea. let’s live like electricity. out from inside escapism and into crazy. driven mad would we be perhaps free?

to be transcendatory.