You can tell you’re close to someone when you don’t get pee-shy around them.

Today’s psych class was about intimacy, commitment and passion, the conglomeration of which forms the consummate love, or the highest level of achievable love. Separate variations form different types of relationships. For instince, passion and intimacy result in romantic love, the ending of which is inevitable due to lack of committment, but which may evolve to consummate love with the right amount of patience and work. Intimacy and committment form companionate love, like the sort I have with some of my friends, to which the only ingredient needed is passion. And we all know how easy it is to foster that. Passion and committment forms one of my favorite relationships, which is a fatuous relationship. This sort can be read as: sex, and lots of it. Oh, happy day. Speaking of sex, who hasn’t had any for a week? Perhaps I be losing my touch.

Passion is such a tricky thing. It’s so entirely dependent on the situational context and can be altered with the ease of a spray of new perfume. I need to stop responding so instinctively… Smoke another cigarette and contemplate. Okay.

I am having good days. I hope this upswing lasts into next week. Why doesn’t the cute danish boy stop by my room?

Fuck emotional dependency.

I’m going to be a bartendress. A barten dress. Stop smoking pot. Okay.