i take it back.

"What three things can never be done?
Forget. Keep silent. Stand alone."

Fuck that shit was burning hot!
All matters of matter made incendiary.
In sin, we are wary.

(in my dream last night you shot me dead.
i thought you weren't supposed to die in dreams?
i shot me, then, and pretended it was you.
isn't this just all we do?)

I lie before me and listen to me lie.
Could never a truth be put into words?
We are the very victims of the discourse we create,
and celebrate.
-I take part and parcel with the birds.

There hasn't been a thunderstorm in days, weeks, years...
in the forest all green and honor lie before you.
I'll lie there speaking softly, then shrilly
as creatures tend to do, before they take to you.

© 2008 : Jenny Ryan