sideways posturings

Lest we forget, the test of time and truth hinges on unanticipation.
The way in has become blocked by nonsense and ambition,
til swimmingly lost in stars of my own envisioning.
What when wondering while whinging,
wrinkling with furrows and an unending sense of doom,
I broke free (it broke open) and watched us all struggle,
then let go-
(tripping up stairs and down walls,
sideways posturings of self),
-and it hurt and it was good.

Step down, my ego, and return again refreshed:
Is that a pacifier I am placing in my mouth?
Will we all get to fuck each other in the afterlife?
Will I lose my teeth someday?
Are you okay?

it came up coughing and came to stay,
tossed in a heap on the dirty wet floor.
it was so cute and frail, i went to pick it up.
whenupon i chanced it, he neuromanced it,
disapparated he did in a haze of clicks and cuts.

(come now don't you know they're watching?
what are you looking at?)

© 2006 : Jenny Ryan