a smile so indelible, i'm sauced.

a smile so indelible, i'm sauced,
melted, burnt, and tempest-tossed

i hope you find what you've been looking for.
looking for, i hope you find what you've been.

it surrounds the best of us,
besieged by wanderlust,
we coo and caw completely in awe.

under canopies of smoke and haze,
all the ways we number our days,
i stand corrected.
i lie dissected.

but balloons so full of lead,
crawl creeping, seeping and unsaid,
pray for mercy in the thirsty air.

i will wait for you there.
mind affixed with a restless stare.
stomach stirs and it troubles,
keeps on swallowing bubbles.

born to be confused,
rocket-ridden and infused-
we go hungry but amused.

the shudders that emerge from waking
my heart! it's over-baking!

© 2008 : Jenny Ryan