Lying down, heart to the sky,
mind to the earth, e pluribus unum
(out of many, one)
and the sun is a warm breath
on my eyelids, beneath me
rocks meld to my spine,
the ground is cracked
and voiceless, my
blood slows, curdles in my veins.

A sonorous boom, a lifetime in an instant,
tremulous, melting, and fusing,
in the unity of the frantic night,
poised at the precipice of annihilation,
a crazed creature frothing, betwixt and bewitched.
all glory and honor are less now than sweet solace.

utter lies!!
webs and webs of them,
weaving through my ears, my eyes,
tugging at my stomach,
smashing my entire body repeatedly
into the pavement.

© 2005 : Jenny Ryan